LASCOS Brand Experience and Website

With its entry into the Australian market as the first outfit to introduce PicoWay, LASCOS a South Australian laser and cosmetic clinic needed a brand redesign and a new website to buttress its service offerings.

To help LASCOS maximise its potential, the goal was to create a brand experience that supports its ambition and beliefs, and to enhance credibility and patient loyalty.

Undertaking qualitative research, stakeholders were asked in interviews to provide their views on LASCOS and what it meant to them in order to establish the DNA of the brand. The personality, essence and values of the brand were explored to inform the design of its identity, collateral, and digital strategy.

The design of the digital experience leveraged lean principles. Brief research was undertaken to understand the prevailing trends pertinent to laser and cosmetic surgery clinics and to identify opportunities for innovative user experience design.

An iterative approach ensured that the project’s stakeholders were frequently engaged in key decisions, encouraging ownership and increasing speed to the desired solution.